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Introduction to Engagement Ring Settings

Your engagement ring is likely one of the most sentimental and monetarily valuable pieces of jewelry you’ll own in your lifetime. Long used to represent one’s intentions to marry, the strong, circular band has been said to symbolize the eternal nature of marital love. In contrast, the center stone, typically a diamond which is the hardest element on the planet, symbolizes the strength and beauty of this romantic relationship.

As this is a ring you’ll be wearing for many years, you must choose a ring that perfectly suits your unique aesthetic preferences and personality. Apart from the center stone type and cut, the ring’s setting largely determines the overall feel of the ring. Then, you must consider the engagement ring setting types available, discerning the type that best aligns with your wardrobe and collection of accessories for years to come. Our team of experts here at Hannoush Jewelers has put together this guide to some of the most common engagement ring settings to assist you in making this critical decision.

Solitaire Rings

The minimal solitaire setting is one of the most common, timeless ring settings. This ring is characterized only by a band and a single stone. These rings are ideal for the classic bride with a propensity towards subtle silhouettes, clean lines, and understated elegance. Solitaire settings allow the center stone to truly take center stage. Choosing a stone of the highest quality is essential, as there will be fewer distractions from any inclusions or cloudiness the stone may possess.

Solitaire rings can be dressed up to be more visually dynamic and exciting. Distinctive metal work along the ring's band adds dimension and interest while never overpowering the stone. Splits in the band uniquely utilize negative space. Sculptural details create movement, drawing the eye along the band to the center stone. For an even more individualized ring, you may choose an uncommon diamond cut or a vibrantly-colored gemstone to serve as the center stone. The lack of accent stones could save you money and allow you to splurge on a larger, more commanding center stone.

Side Stone Rings

Opt for a side stone piece to add more sparkle and contrast to the band of one’s ring. Side stone rings can range from minimalistic to extravagant, featuring a few delicate stones or multiple rows of large, eye-catching ones. This added shimmer further emphasizes the center stone's beauty and brilliance, reflecting more light and creating more visual interest.

Accent stones can be set into the band in various ways, the most popular being channel, prong, pave, and bezel settings. In channel settings, the side stones are wedged between two strips of metal that form a channel and are fitted into grooves inside the metal to keep them snugly in place. Prong set stones, on the other hand, are held by tiny spokes of metal that form a claw around the stone, allowing plenty of the stone’s surface to remain visible. Pave settings are characterized by stones held in place by small spheres of metal that allow the gems to be closely nestled together, creating a “paved road” effect. Lastly, bezels are strips of metal that surround each stone individually for a clean, modern look.

Halo Rings

A setting beloved for its unparalleled brilliance, the halo setting is an ever-stylish, romantic ring style. These rings are characterized by a center stone featuring a “halo” of accent stones surrounding its perimeter, creating an incredible light show. Most often, these accent stones are prong-set, allowing for plenty of light reflection. This setting has long been beloved for its ability to make the center stone appear larger and more commanding.

For a halo ring that makes an extraordinary impact, opt for a double or triple halo featuring multiple rows of stones for a mesmerizing effect. Or choose or custom design a ring with vibrantly colored gemstones surrounding the diamond, wonderfully contrasting the gemstones’ clear brightness and adding plenty of personality and expression.

Three Stone Rings

The three stone is a timeless and wonderfully sentimental engagement ring setting option characterized by a large center stone flanked by two smaller stones on either side. These stones are typically symmetrically arranged and of the same size, creating visual movement and emphasizing the size and clarity of the center stone. This setting has long been said to represent the past, present, and future of one’s marital relationship. The center “present” stone is the largest and most prominent, reminding one to remain focused on the current moment.

Change it up a bit by selecting colorful gems to serve as the side stones. Choose gems that are relevant to you, like a birthstone, favorite color, or the birthstone of the month you and your partner first met. You can also find rings featuring side stones with interesting, uncommon cuts to add a bit of individuality.

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