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Introduction to Diamond Shapes

As the old saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. With an ethereal sparkle that always turns heads, how could they not? Each diamond cut is specifically crafted to offer a signature brilliance and play an important role in determining the aesthetic of your ring. Choose a round cut center diamond for a timeless and classic look, or select an emerald cut for an adventurous, contemporary appeal. When shopping for an engagement ring, finding your favorite diamond cut is a great place to start. Our experts have compiled a guide to the most popular diamond shapes available at Hannoush Jewelers.

Round Cut Diamonds

With 58 painstakingly-cut facets, round cut diamonds are beloved for giving off more light than any other shape. Thanks to modern innovations in cutting technologies and diamond cutters who have worked centuries to create perfect technique, this cut possesses unsurpassed brilliance. As the name suggests, this diamond features a circular shape, creating a classic look. Round cut diamonds are the most popular diamond when it comes to engagement rings, sure to be fawned over by any bride. Because of its popularity, this shape can fit into most any type of setting seamlessly and looks remarkably flattering on anyone’s hand. One has the most options of settings to choose from with a round cut diamond, whether they prefer a perfect solitaire or an ornate halo ring.

Princess Cut Diamonds

For the bride who loves the brilliance of a round cut diamond but desires to stand out from the crowd, consider selecting a princess cut diamond to be the star of the show. Princess cuts are distinguished by their square shape and special radiance. First introduced in the 1960s, this diamond shape has emerged in popularity in recent years as a more unique alternative to round cut diamonds without sacrificing a luminous sparkle. Princess cuts are also favored for a feminine yet architectural and edgy vibe that steals the show wherever you go. Bring attention to those sharp corners with a polished solitaire setting or accompany the stone with other dazzling diamonds in a three stone ring.

Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds are also considered a unique alternative to round cut diamonds. The elongated shape results in a greater surface area to reflect light. Artisans have specifically placed each facet for maximum brilliance, and this graceful cut features soft edges that are significantly less likely to chip. Oval cut diamonds also give the wearer’s hand an illusion of longer and more slender fingers. With romantic and feminine curves, these diamonds are wonderfully versatile and look lovely in whatever type of setting you choose to feature it in. A delicate solitaire setting yields a breathtaking look, but a vintage-inspired setting is also a suitable selection. A halo setting also adds extra radiance and further softens the appearance of the stone.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Only 3% of the world’s diamonds are emerald cut, so if you are seeking a more distinctive diamond for your engagement ring, this is the shape for you. Emerald cut diamonds are characterized by elongated, rectangular facets that act like a hall of mirrors. Light hits and reflects off of each side of the parallel facets, creating an exquisite display that showcases the stone’s clarity. Similar to the oval cut diamonds, the elongated shape of the diamond elongates the appearance of the wearer’s finger. Consider selecting a diamond with a clarity grade of G or higher to be able to fully view the intriguing depth of the stone. Pop the question to your one-of-kind sweetheart with a one-of-a-kind diamond.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds have soared in popularity with the modern brides, and for good reason. The gracefulness and sophistication of its curves speak for themselves in any setting. With a teardrop-like shape, one end is rounded, similar to an oval cut, and the other end comes together in an elegant point, like a marquise cut. This cut marries the brilliant beauty of a round cut diamond with the distinguished appeal of a pointed marquise, yielding a balance of femininity and style. When set in an engagement ring, pear shaped cuts have a one-of-a-kind factor, with slight differences to the cut that are left up to personal preferences, that attracts all brides who want a diamond as unique as their love story.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

As a beautiful marriage between the brilliance of a round cut diamond and purity of an emerald cut gemstone, the radiant cut is gorgeously symmetrical and non-traditional. With 70 carefully cut facets, this gemstone features some of the most loved elements of other popular diamond shapes. Its soft, curved corners and many-faceted design create a fiery look that is the perfect centerpiece for any engagement ring. Brides select radiant cut diamonds for their ability to reflect light in all directions, making a glorious statement every where they wear it. This shape also tends to be about 30% less expensive than a traditional round cut of the same quality and size, which is a bonus for couples on a tighter budget. Solitaires are popular choices for this shape, but a halo or side stone setting can also bring an added bit of sparkle to your radiant cut diamond.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Soft and romantic, cushion cut diamonds are shaped similarly to the princess cut, except these feature gentle, rounded corners that create a silhouette resembling a pillow. This shape is classic with enduring elegance and features expertly placed facets that produce incredible brilliance. Thanks to the innovation of diamond cutting artisans, this shape can showcase two different variations of facet placements: vintage or modern scintillation. The vintage facet placement features large facets that vaguely resemble a small table, with a smaller facet on top and big facets on the bottom. Meanwhile, the modern scintillation favors crushed ice, with small facets placed closely together for an explosion of sparkle. The cushion cut is also an ideal choice for richly-colored gemstones, as it enhances their beauty.

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