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Twists on Tradition: A Guide to the Latest Wedding Band Trends

October 20th, 2023

A pair of platinum wedding bands sit together on a tree branch.

For those who revel in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion and design, the world of wedding bands is brimming with captivating trends that cater to both men and women alike. As the embodiment of eternal love and commitment, wedding bands have evolved beyond tradition, embracing contemporary aesthetics and innovative design elements. These trends ensure that your wedding bands will be a reflection of not just your love story, but also your penchant for staying up-to-date in the world of trends.

A rose gold diamond women’s wedding band from Verragio with side details.

Hidden Details

A captivating allure lies in the art of hidden details, and wedding bands with concealed intricacies are making waves. Verragio leads this trend by infusing their creations with designs tucked away underneath the ring's surface. An embodiment of this trend is exemplified by their 14k rose gold Parisian women's wedding band. While its outer beauty exudes elegance with a delicate rose gold band and sparkling diamonds, a hidden gallery beneath showcases meticulous craftsmanship. This emphasis on intimate intricacies captures the essence of modern romance, offering a unique way to celebrate love that goes beyond the surface.

a woman’s platinum wedding band from TACORI features pave set diamonds.

Broader Bands

Celebrate a departure from the traditional slim and dainty bands, and embrace the bold elegance of thicker designs. This trend not only makes a strong visual statement but also provides ample space for intricate and ornate detailing that adds a new dimension to the symbolism of eternal love. TACORI's Sculpted Crescent collection showcases this trend beautifully via this platinum women’s wedding band. This meticulously crafted wedding band features a wider profile, allowing for an opulent canvas that is adorned with intricate sculptural details and exquisite diamonds.

A cobalt wedding band with a hammered texture from Lashbrook.

Alternative Metals

Steering away from the conventional norms of traditional gold and platinum, wedding bands have embarked on an innovative journey by incorporating alternative materials that add a contemporary twist to eternal symbols of love. This cobalt men's wedding band by Lashbrook stands as a testament to the allure of alternative materials. Its cobalt construction not only exudes durability but also opens up a realm of possibilities for striking finishes. The hammered and polished textures on this band, for instance, grants it a refined appearance, showcasing that style and substance can seamlessly coexist.

A pear-cut diamond eternity wedding band from TACORI’s RoyalT collection.

Matching Diamond Cuts

Create an enchanting pairing by matching the diamond cuts between your wedding band and engagement ring. This artful coordination not only enhances the visual appeal but also symbolizes the unity of two distinct stories merging into one. For those with a chic pear-cut engagement ring, TACORI's RoyalT collection exemplifies this sentiment flawlessly with this pear-cut diamond eternity wedding band. This exquisite band features a continuous circle of glistening pear-cut diamonds that mirror the captivating brilliance of its counterpart. The symphony of shared cuts evokes a sense of continuity and a tale of love.

A platinum men’s wedding band with sapphire accents.

Pop of Color

Gemstone-adorned bands are carving a distinctive path to popularity, and for good reason. This surge in interest is owed to the deeply personal touch they infuse into the matrimonial tradition. Selecting a gemstone that resonates with your sentimentality, be it a birthstone, a cherished color, or a meaningful symbolic stone. A striking illustration of this trend is this sapphire men's wedding band from Triton. Constructed with tungsten, the band not only exhibits durability but also showcases a captivating row of sapphires, exuding a rich blue hue that can carry a host of meanings, from fidelity to spiritual wisdom.

a newly-wed couple stacks their hands on the bride’s flower bouquet.

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