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The Hottest Designer Brands for the New Year 2022

December 15th, 2021

A lot goes into buying the right jewelry, and not all luxury brands are created equally. It’s helpful to know some brands guarantee quality and brilliance with every purchase. The top names are known for their attention to detail, hand-crafted precision, iconic designs, and worldwide recognition as a leader in luxury.

These are the names that the other brands try to imitate, though rarely are they duplicated with genuine authenticity. Below, we’ve put together a list of the top designer brands for the new year, so you don’t have to scour the internet searching for the latest trends.

Get Hitched With Gabriel & Co.

Jack and Dominick Gabriel founded Gabriel & Co. in 1989. Sons of master jeweler Elias Gabriel, the brothers learned the ins and outs of crafting luxury jewelry by spending countless hours shadowing their father as he toiled over metal and stone. The Gabriel brothers emerged from their apprenticeship with a vision to transform the cold world of luxury into a realm of passion, driven by expertise and devoted to refinement.

Gabriel & Co. practices sustainable manufacturing for environmentally conscious luxury lovers by exclusively using ethically earth-mined diamonds and gemstones. They offer a wealth of styles for brides, including contemporary engagement rings and wedding bands like dazzling halo rings where diamonds encircle the center stone for extra brilliance. Their free-form engagement rings show their superior range in craftsmanship, offering the wearer a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry sure to outshine the rest.

The Allure of Alor

California-lifestyle designer Alor has been a significant player in the world of luxury since its founding in 1979 by Jack and Sandy Zemer. This designer is known for their innovative jewelry. Their pieces are true works of art and testaments to the peaks of human imagination.

This Alor Petra fashion ring is exemplary of their unusual artistic sensibilities. By pairing vibrant cables with 18 kt gold and diamonds, Alor has created unique pieces of jewelry that could fill in an art gallery or showroom. These vibrant adornments shine thanks to their innovative color, texture, and design.

Breitling is Always Timely

The Breitling brand was the conception of Swiss watchmaker Leon Breitling. Through the combination of accuracy, craftsmanship, and precision, he aimed to create an elegant yet functional timepiece.

Breitlings original chronograph was touted for its avant-garde design, smooth manufacturing process, and simple maintenance. Over the 20th century, Breitling's descendants kept the spirit of innovation alive by building on their past successes and spellbinding the world of horology with their ever-iconic designs. Many of their luxury timepieces brandish everyday spectacle through high-fashion design and strong materials.

Breitling offers some of the world's most iconic chronographs and Dive watch collections. Devoted to purpose and performance, Breitling timepieces have a firm grip on the hearts of athletes who don't care to sacrifice refinement in favor of accuracy or precision.

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