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Secretly Learn What Engagement Ring She Wants

August 20th, 2022

Marriage is exciting. It’s a step in a new direction, another beautiful journey that life has to offer. It stands to reason that the proposal should be just as exhilarating, and what better way than with the ring she’s always wanted? But everyone has their own tastes, especially with a luxurious and spectacular accessory like an engagement ring. Learn how to covertly find the ring of her dreams with these tips from Hannoush Jewelers.

Find the Ring Size

The first thing to figure out is her ring size. Imagine this horrible scenario: with a glint in your eye while down on one knee, you offer a gorgeous engagement ring. She tearfully says yes and takes the ring. She cannot put it on: it’s too tight. Worse yet, it slips off immediately after putting it on, where it bounces and rolls into a storm gutter. Granted, that’s the worst case scenario, but the risk exists nonetheless.

To figure out her ring size without tipping her off completely, you have got three options. One, you can simply ask. Plenty of people give fashion rings out as a gift. Second, you could ask a friend. If they do not know, maybe they could take your partner jewelry shopping as a ruse. Third, you could wrap a piece of yarn around her finger while she’s asleep and measure where the ends meet.

Discover Her Style

There is a wide variety of jewelry styles available and everyone has an opinion. Some love the feminine energy of rose gold, while others strongly prefer an elegant platinum piece. Diamonds further complicate things. Round cut diamonds are classically radiant, but more unique-minded individuals may dislike their ubiquity. Thus, it is essential to figure out her preferences.

Study her jewelry collection and look for a common theme. Alternatively, phone a friend and ask. Here are some things to look out for.

  • Metal: Do they wear primarily rose, yellow, or white gold? What about sterling silver’
  • Gemstones: What colors, shapes, and sizes do they like? Lab-grown or earth-mined’
  • Aesthetic: Is it mostly nature-inspired, floral, vintage, or contemporary’
  • Balance: Does their jewelry tend to be flashy or understated’

Head to a Jeweler

Now, take all of the information you have gathered and bring it to a local jewelry store. It’s best to reserve an appointment to make sure that a staff member can give you all of their time and attention. With all of the spy work you have done, they will be sure to find a luxurious, romantic engagement ring that fits them perfectly.

To better the experience, take one of her friends along with you. They know another side of your soon-to-be spouse as well as their aesthetic needs. It’s easy to mistake things you like for what they will like.

Shop for Engagement Rings at Hannoush Jewelers

We at Hannoush Jewelers are a family-owned business, and we strive to give our customers a family-oriented experience. Through our passion, experience, and love of jewelry, we guarantee that your future fiance will fall head over heels for the ring you give them.

Our diverse selection of engagement rings and wedding bands will help you make a decision. Every one of our locations throughout Massachusetts and beyond carries the finest jewelry available. Visit a jewelry store near you today to discover something wonderful.