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Popular Engagement Rings to Look Out for in 2024

December 5th, 2023

lady reclining with flower petals in her hair wearing an engagement ring

We at Hannoush Jewelers are excited to unveil our handpicked selection of popular engagement rings set to captivate hearts in 2024. Our collection presents a variety of extraordinary designs that promise to be at the height of desire for those ready to pop the question. From classic refinement to modern complexity, each piece reflects our commitment to quality and style. Don't miss the opportunity to explore our top picks for breathtaking engagement rings that are sure to make 2024 a year of unforgettable proposals. Stay tuned to discover the rings that will define elegance and commitment in the coming year.

Verragio Venetian Engagement Ring

Charmingly Vintage Rings

In 2024, vintage-inspired engagement rings are the trend du jour, offering a blend of romantic history and intricate artistry. These pieces are a homage to the past, with styles that echo the geometric precision of Art Deco and the delicate filigree of the Victorian era. Perfect for those who cherish the eternal charm of bygone times, these rings stand out with their unique character. Among these, the Verragio Venetian engagement ring shines as an exemplary piece, capturing the essence of vintage glamor. Its exquisite design is poised to be a beloved choice for those seeking a ring with a story this year.

Sidestone Modern Engagement Ring by Allison-Kaufman

Modern and Minimalist Styles

The allure of minimalism in engagement rings re-emerges as 2024 unfurls, speaking to couples who revel in understated elegance. These rings avoid excess, allowing the grandeur of the center stone to take center stage amid sleek, refined lines. The design philosophy of such rings rests on the "less is more" principle—solitaires or modest diamond clusters, complemented by slender, unembellished bands. An exemplar of this trend is this Allison-Kaufman engagement ring, which pairs a delicate rose gold band with tasteful side diamonds, epitomizing the beauty of minimalist design.

Gabriel & Co. Nova Engagement Ring

Maximalist Ring Designs

On the flip side of the minimalistic coin, maximalist ring designs are also making an assertive return in 2024, with engagement rings that boast greater heft and boldness. Celebrating the joy of substantial pieces, chunky rings have emerged as contemporary favorites. Crafted from luxurious, thicker bands or featuring layers of stacked designs, they command attention as true statement pieces. While the elegance of thin bands and solitaire diamonds remains timeless, there's an exciting shift towards these more pronounced, maximalist designs. Not only do they make a visual impact, but their sturdier build offers enhanced durability for daily wear. This Gabriel & Co. Nova engagement ring exemplifies this strikingly opulent trend.

Three Stone Engagement Ring by Goldman

Three Stone Trilogy Rings

Symbolizing a couple's past, present, and future, three stone rings are experiencing a significant resurgence in 2024. This enduring design features a prominent center stone gracefully accompanied by two complementary side stones, which can be either diamonds or vibrant gemstones, enriching the overall magnetism with added color and brilliance. Perfect for those seeking a piece decadent in symbolism and aesthetic appeal, the three stone ring is moving beyond conventional solitaire settings to become a favorite. When paired with a wedding band, simplicity complements best, allowing the trilogy's sophistication to shine. Goldman's outstanding contemporary three stone engagement ring showcases this trend beautifully, blending universal sentiment with modern aesthetics.

a bride’s hand wearing an engagement ring with a rose in background

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At Hannoush Jewelers, discover 2024's trending engagement ring styles in a setting of unparalleled classiness. Our curated selection promises a ring for every love story, with experts on hand to guide your choice. Whether in-store browsing or a personalized appointment, your flawless match awaits across our five Massachusetts locations in Braintree, Brockton, Auburn, North Attleboro, Marlborough, and our pristine store in Dayton, OH. Experience the Hannoush legacy of fine jewelry; let us be part of your journey to forever. Visit us or request an appointment for a dose of splendor as you choose the ring that speaks to the heart of your union, at Hannoush Jewelers.