Necklace Styles for Every NYE Celebration

December 5th, 2022

Woman wearing a beautiful, elegant necklace with a feather-style pendant

Wherever your NYE takes you this year, go in style by greeting the new year with a look that is uniquely yours. Make sure your look expresses your personality and suits the event or gathering you attend. Necklaces lie at the center of your silhouette, drawing the eye to your face and adding polish to your ensemble. Our experts at Hannoush Jewelers have put this guide to some of our favorite NYET options.

TACORI station necklace featuring a gold chain and colorful gemstone accents

Multi-Gem Necklace for a Fireworks Show

There’s no better way to ring in the new year than with a glittering, colorful, celebratory fireworks show. Head down to the waterfront with your favorite folks for a festive display that inspires awe and joy.

Opt for a necklace that is easy and comfortable to wear as you meander around the waterfront to find the best view. Consider incorporating the vibrance and variation of color that comes with a firework display.

Allison-Kaufman bar necklace with plenty of diamonds and brilliance

Minimalist Bar Necklace for a Dance Party

Those who love bright lights, loud music, and expressive movement should seek out an NYE dance party. The high energy a dance party or nightclub will bring is perfect for ringing in the new year.

A minimalist bar necklace is ideal for a night of dancing, as it won’t easily get tangled on itself as you move and is wonderfully lightweight. For example, this bar necklace from Allison-Kaufman is inlaid with tiny, round cut diamonds that will catch the bar lights beautifully. Its minimalist style ensures it will pair incredibly well with almost any ensemble.

Pendant with pink morganite and rose gold with a diamond halo

Gemstone Necklace for a Gala Event

A glitzy, glamorous gala event is a great NYE celebration option for those who love the finer things. Attend a gala at a swanky hotel or high-brow art gallery, dressed to the absolute nines.

Don a big, bold gemstone necklace that will catch the eye of every other guest at the gala, sparkling romantically under chandelier lights or by flickering candlelight. Situated at the center of your frame, a bright gemstone will capture your attention and speak to your unique taste. This pink gold and morganite necklace is wonderfully warm and feminine yet still audacious enough for a glamorous gala.

TACORI pendant with a stylized initial design

Personalized Pendant for a House Party

If large crowds and loud music aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps you should attend or host an intimate house party with some of your closest friends. Plan a meal, some cocktails, and a few New Year festivities to ensure a memorable experience.

For a small gathering with your dearest companions, you’ll likely want to put together a look that is comfortable yet uniquely you. Dress it up with a shimmery top or dress it down with a jeans and t-shirt combo.

Woman wearing two necklaces exhibiting round pendants

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