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Leap into Spring Dates with Colorful Jewelry

March 15th, 2022

Once the winter is over and the snow has melted, spring will start to bloom. Although there are many outside activities during the cold months, the warmth of spring is a wonderful time to break out your colorful jewelry for fun dates with your significant other. Massachusetts in springtime is beautiful with flowers peeking back through the ground and baby birds chirping from their nests. Look fabulous while having a great time this season with a few suggestions from our experts.

Museum & Theater Date

Although also available in the winter, going to the museum is an intriguing activity to see what new exhibits the spring has brought. Sometimes there are special events that can be a great way to have a unique experience together. Maybe a local theatre company is putting on a play in the park so that you can snuggle on a blanket while enjoying local artists' performances.

This Alor blueberry stainless steel chain with a diamond rose gold pendant is an exquisitely bright necklace. With a necklace like this, you are sure to make the date colorful and extraordinary.

Old Manse

Learn a little about local and American history with a visit to the Old Manse. Constructed in 1770, this house overlooked the American Revolution battle of 1775 as well as being home to several influential politicians and American literary figures. As well as historically interesting, the grounds are absolutely magnificent.

This morganite rose gold halo ring by Gabriel & Co. Fashion is a wonderful accessory to allow any outfit to shine. It has a rare and eccentric romantic aesthetic that is hard to beat.

Botanical Gardens

Spring means that flowers will begin to bloom again and cover the once-barren trees and landscape with wonderful color. Explore the different botanical gardens around the state, like the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens. With formal gardens and lush woodlands, enjoy the rebirth of nature while looking stylish.

This diamond and stainless steel bangle by Alor has multiple strands that weave back and forth across each other. An interesting piece that will stay in place while you roam the gardens, a beautiful bracelet may be exactly what your springtime outfit needs.

Learned Beach

Warm weather is perfect for a date to the beach. Learned Park & Beach on the edge of the Learned Pond is a fantastic way to embrace the season. Splash in the water, relax on the sand, and enjoy your time together.

Look stunning in these yellow gold studded ear climber studs by Gabriel & Co. Fashion. They add the right amount of shine and sparkle without worrying about them getting snagged while having fun in the sun.

Find Your Date Jewelry at Hannoush Jewelers

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