Jewelry for Every Price Point

September 20th, 2022

jewelry at every price point

Jewelry is a superb gift. Its reputation for luxury and beauty is known throughout the world, cementing its status as a meaningful and valuable present. As a result of its rare materials and high-quality craftsmanship, jewelry is also expensive. To many, these marvelous accessories can seem unattainable. But we at Hannoush Jewelers make sure to offer something beautiful for everyone. Our wide selection contains jewelry at every price point to cater to a broad audience with a variety of needs.

stainless steel necklace

Under $250 - Stainless Steel

While stainless steel isn’t necessarily a precious metal, it’s certainly beautiful. It has a gorgeous silvery sheen that pairs perfectly with pearls and other gemstones. Unlike precious metals, stainless steel can resist just about anything the world throws at it. From high humidity to chilling cold, this hard metal will stand strong.

Consider this Alor Classique necklace. Its stainless steel chain is used to support a single pearl. The lustrous sheen from this natural gemstone is accentuated by the bright steel, making it excellent for everyday outfits.

sterling silver rings

Under $500 - Sterling Silver

Silver is a sophisticated precious metal. Loved for millenia, it has been worn in jewelry and used as currency for many years. Sterling silver is made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, such as copper and nickel. This is done not for expense, but to make it more durable and malleable. Pure silver is soft and has difficulty holding its shape, whereas sterling silver is hard but shapeable.

Labradorite has a unique and complex blue hue. This incredible ring is only $390, making it an affordable but stunning piece of jewelry.

gold earrings

Under $1,000 - Gold

There’s nothing more iconic of class and luxury than gold. Whether rose, white, or yellow, gold is the perfect way to evoke high-fashion glamor. Thus, gold jewelry always makes a marvelous gift that is almost guaranteed to become a staple of their wardrobe. Since there are so many colors available, think about the soon-to-be wearer’s style. If they tend to opt for the feminine, choose rose gold; if they reach for understated classics, consider white gold.

diamond necklaces

Under $1,500 - Diamonds

Diamonds, the most desirable and brilliant gemstone, are always a favorite. Their radiant aesthetic symbolizes strength, wealth, and prosperity. If you’re looking for diamond jewelry to give on a very special occasion, we have several options to guarantee you give them something unforgettable.

This TACORI Bloom necklace has an array of dazzling diamonds. The pendant resembles an eye, with an enchanting diamond pupil surrounded by smaller gemstones. Its 14k gold setting and chain further elevate the piece. For those in search of a circular pendant, their diamond circle necklace is spectacular and mesmerizing.

jewelry rings at hannoush

Find the Perfect Jewelry at Hannoush Jewelers

Discover the ultimate gifts at Hannoush Jewelers. Our wide selection of jewelry ensures that you will find something unforgettable in one of our showrooms. From engagement rings to fashion rings, there is something for everyone.

We have an expert team of professionals ready to show you a realm of luxury unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Take a moment to reserve an appointment with us today.