Give the Gift of an Engagement Ring Upgrade This Holiday Season

November 5th, 2023

a white gold solitaire engagement ring with a cushion cut center stone

We understand that love grows and evolves over time. This holiday season, consider reinvigorating the symbol of your commitment by upgrading your partner's engagement ring. At Hannoush Jewelers, we believe an upgraded ring not only revitalizes its sparkling beauty but also serves as a testament to the ever-deepening bond you both share. Just as the years have added layers of memories and experiences to your relationship, an enhanced ring magnificently reflects that journey. It’s not just about the sparkle; it’s a reminder that your love and dedication have only grown stronger. Celebrate the holidays, and let the renewed brilliance of her ring mirror the enduring love you share.

When To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Over time, relationships evolve, deepening and gaining new layers of meaning. An engagement ring upgrade can mirror this journey, symbolizing the milestones and cherished moments you have shared. Whether marking a significant anniversary, celebrating personal achievements, or simply wanting to reflect the growth of your bond, an upgraded ring captures these sentiments. The decision to enhance your partner's ring is a heartfelt gesture, signifying that as your love story unfolds, its representation can shine even brighter.

a pair of tweezers picking up a single diamond from a pile of diamonds

Upgrade to a Larger Diamond

As love deepens and flourishes, many individuals decide to reflect this journey by opting for a larger center diamond in their engagement ring. This enhancement elevates the ring's allure and reflects the depth of one's commitment. Perhaps you're now in a position to invest more than when your love story began. Opting for a bigger diamond not only increases its brilliance and visual appeal but also serves as a testament to how love can mature, shining brighter and more profoundly with each passing year.

Change to a Different Diamond Shape

Each diamond cut radiates its unique charm and character, influencing the ring's play of light and silhouette. Switching the center stone to a different cut can dramatically transform the overall aesthetic of an engagement ring. Whether transitioning from a round brilliant cut to a sophisticated emerald cut or from a classic princess to a romantic heart shape, a new cut can infuse fresh elegance and style. It's a testament to evolving tastes and the ever-changing beauty of love's journey.

a yellow gold engagement ring with side stones and an oval cut center stone

Add Extra Diamonds

Breathing new life into a ring often involves more than just focusing on the center stone. Adding accent stones is an exquisite way to enhance the center stone’s allure. These tiny gems, meticulously set around the main diamond or along the band, not only amplify the ring's sparkle but also introduce layers of visual interest. Their intricate placement can transform a simple design into a dazzling spectacle, ensuring every angle captivates, and encapsulates the multifaceted nature of one's love story.

Change the Setting

If you’re looking for a complete transformation while retaining the sentimental value of the original center stone, changing the ring setting is a great option. Switching from a solitaire to a three-stone setting adds depth and narrative, symbolizing the past, present, and future of love. Opting for a halo can make the central diamond appear larger, surrounded by a radiant circle of smaller gems. Side stone settings introduce linear elegance, accentuating the main gem. Each setting redefines the ring's character, reflecting evolving tastes and milestones.

a hand holding a bundle of stems and wearing a rose gold, oval cut engagement ring

Use a Different Type of Metal

Opting for a different metal can dramatically alter the aesthetic and feel of your engagement ring. Gold exudes pure elegance, with choices ranging from classic yellow to romantic rose or sleek white. Platinum offers a durable and lustrous alternative, known for its hypoallergenic properties and natural white sheen. Each metal imparts a unique hue and feel to the ring, allowing wearers to align with their personal style, skin tone, or even the significance of certain milestones. A metal change is both a visual and symbolic renewal.

a round cut diamond being placed into a white gold engagement ring setting

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring at Hannoush Jewelers

Are you considering an upgrade for your engagement ring? Choose Hannoush Jewelers, renowned for exceptional craftsmanship and service. With six convenient locations in Braintree, Brockton, Auburn, Marlborough, Chicopee, and North Attleboro in Massachusetts, as well as Dayton, Ohio, you're always close to expert guidance. Beyond our exquisite collections, we proudly offer custom design services to bring your unique vision to life. Every love story is distinctive, and our rings echo that sentiment. Request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our team members and let us help craft a ring that resonates with your evolving journey of love.