Engagement Rings: Try On Before You Buy

August 5th, 2022

For many, the element of surprise is one of the most enjoyable parts of a marriage proposal, but it may be worth it to consider letting your partner try on engagement rings before you buy one. An engagement ring will be worn for years to come, symbolizing the most important and intimate relationships you’ll have in your life. For this reason, it is ideal to ensure the ring you choose is the best possible option, perfectly meeting your or your partner’s aesthetic preferences, fitting comfortably, etc. Our experts at Hannoush Jewelers have put together a guide to some of the benefits of trying on engagement rings before you make a purchase.

Get the Sizing Just Right

While it's not completely necessary for the ring to fit perfectly for the proposal, trying on rings beforehand can help to ensure you or your partner likes the feel of the ring overall. That is, the way the center stone, side stones, and type of polish feel on the finger.

Though you can certainly have your ring resized after the fact, it is often preferable to have the ring fit perfectly for the proposal. This creates a truly magical moment when the ring is slipped on and prevents you from making another trip to the jeweler to have it altered.

Choose a Metal Type and Gemstones that Complement Your Skin Tone

Selecting a ring that you feel works well with your skin tone is a major benefit of trying on engagement rings before you buy. For instance, perhaps you initially thought a warm yellow gold would be ideal but feel that it washes out your cool complexion when you see it on.

The same goes for gemstones. Though it’s typical for engagement rings to feature only clear diamonds, many modern designers are using vibrant gems to serve as the center or side stones in their bridal jewelry collections. If you are considering a gemstone ring, trying on different pieces could help you decide which gem best suits your complexion and aesthetic.

Try Out Different Diamond Shapes and Sizes

The shape and size of your engagement ring’s center stone are the biggest contributing factors to the piece’s overall feel. Trying on rings beforehand can help you determine both the size and the cut you feel works best on your hand.

You may try on a few rings and decide that an emerald or oval shape serves to elongate your fingers better than a princess or round cut. Or, it may occur to you that a smaller diamond than you initially imagined gives the same aesthetic effect as a larger one, and you could save a bit of money.

See How Your Ring Fits with Your Wedding Band

When shopping for an engagement ring, it is also essential to consider how it will fit with a wedding band. It is helpful to also try on wedding bands at the same time and possibly purchase them together.

You want to be confident that the rings will fit comfortably alongside each other without any awkward gaps. It will also help you gauge if the rings together cause discomfort or pinching.

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