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Designer Spotlight on TACORI

January 20th, 2023

Woman wearing TACORI fashion ring, engagement ring and wedding band along with drop earrings from a range of collections

TACORI is one of today’s most beloved designer brands. Known for signature metalwork and nature-inspired jewelry, this California-based company is creative, talented, and unique. From their humble beginnings in Los Angeles, they quickly became a world-famous company. We at Hannoush Jewelers are proud to offer TACORI in our stores and have put together this guide to allow our customers to learn more about this extraordinary jewelry designer.

Three engagement rings from the Dantela collection; pear shaped halo with side stone band, side profile of a cathedral setting for a center stone, and a three stone ring with halos and side stone details and curves on the band

1960s to 1970s: Origins

The story begins in Romania with Haig TACORIan and Gilda Balian, the co-founders of TACORI. After suffering under the country’s strict regime, Gilda and her family moved to California in 1962, with Haig following in 1970. Finally, in 1972, Haig, Gilda, and her father started B&T. This company specialized in vintage-style jewelry with a European flair.

Haig and Gilda married the following year. Six years later, they started TACORI in the Los Angeles jewelry district. Ever since, the company has been a star of the jewelry industry. Through the many years of success, they have never forgotten their roots. The Dantela collection is an example of their commitment to history. Named after the Romanian word for lace, these engagement rings evoke an elegant, slender style.

An engagement ring from the Sculpted Crescent, Petite Crescent, and Classic Crescent collections by TACORI

1990s: Creation of a Masterpiece

In 1998, TACORI released their most iconic style, working alongside jeweler Garo Kourounian. Resembling the curves of a heart, they are a fixture of their engagement rings and wedding bands. Together, they created the signature crescent silhouette that remains in many of their collections today. Variations of the crescent style define several of these enchanting pieces. The Sculpted Crescent, Petite Crescent, and Classic Crescent each convey the beauty of this intricate metalwork and reconceptualize the crescent style.

From 1997 to 1999, Paul and Nadine became involved in the company. Son and daughter of Haig and Gilda, they became Director of Marketing and Director of Production, respectively.

A horizontally set emerald cut diamond Simply TACORI engagement ring, a multi-gemstone station necklace from the Love, Los Angeles collection, and dangly peridot earrings in the Sonoma Skies collection

2000s: Growth and Expansion

The aughts were a decade of growth. In 2003, many of their wedding bands were featured in a hit reality show. TACORI experienced a surge in demand. To meet it, they moved from their relatively small studio to a large, 25,000-square-foot building. Staffed with experienced goldsmiths and gemologists and stocked with advanced equipment, they could scale up their creation process to an unprecedented level. All of their jewelry is hand-crafted there today.

TACORI took advantage of their success by releasing several beloved collections. Simply TACORI, for instance,was modeled after Nadine’s own unique engagement ring and showcases slender silhouettes and intricate edges. At the end of the decade, the brand released their fashion jewelry. 

A woman holding the strap of her purse while wearing brown pants, a TACORI fashion ring, bridal stack, and duo of a bangle and cuff in mixed metal tones for each piece by this brand

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