Designer Spotlight: Gabriel & Co.

April 20th, 2023

Dazzling engagement ring with an eccentric silhouette

At Hannoush Jewelers, we believe that jewelry tells a story, expressing the personality and style of the wearer, serving as a most sentimental gift, holding memories as a family heirloom, and much more. We are dedicated, then, to carefully curating a selection of jewelry that is of the highest quality. These pieces are thoughtfully crafted using the finest materials and designed to last a lifetime. Among the brands we are pleased to carry in our showroom is Gabriel & Co. This renowned designer is beloved worldwide for exquisite pieces of timeless and relevant jewelry.

All About Gabriel & Co.

This brand was founded when two brothers, Jack and Dominick Gabriel, sensed an absence of emotionality in much of the jewelry industry. They understood that fine jewelry marks the most important occasions, honors deep relationships, and captures beauty. The two brothers set out to make jewelry that did just this in the heart of New York City in 1983. Jack and Dominick learned the exciting blend of art and science that is crafting fine jewelry from their father, whose footsteps they proudly followed. For 40 years, Gabriel & Co. has forged high-quality pieces, making evident their passion for artistry and craftsmanship and high standards of excellence.

Gabriel & Co. engagement ring with baguette and round diamond halo

Gabriel & Co. Bridal Jewelry

Incredible detail and unparalleled artistry characterize the engagement ring and wedding band collections crafted by Gabriel & Co. Distinctive and avant-garde silhouettes set these apart from the crowd, ensuring the most fashionable brides and grooms can find something that suits their aesthetic from among their selection. Fresh, contemporary designs nod to vintage styles of times passed to ensure a classic feel.

Engagement Ring Styles

Contemporary Rings - These pieces are ever on the cutting edge of fashion, with sleek and eye-catching silhouettes that put the ring’s gemstones at the forefront. Clean lines and sweeping curves evoke an air of sophistication and elegance that is wonderfully appealing.

Vintage-Inspired Rings - Timeless engagement rings that evoke the genius of jewelry makers from decades ago. They are romantic and elaborate, with accents like milgrain details, delicate scrollwork, and graceful engravings.

Free-Form Rings - Free-form rings feature organic silhouettes, creating movement and visual interest. Intertwining bands make use of negative space for a genuinely dynamic display. These pieces are perfect for the whimsical, eccentric bride.

Wedding Band Styles

Eternity Bands - The eternity band is said to represent the everlasting nature of marital love, featuring gemstones that encircle the entire band.

Curved Bands - Curved bands are made especially for stacking with an engagement ring, the curvature in the band making space for its center stone so the rings can nestle together perfectly.

Stackable Bands - These bands are bold and distinctive, meant to bring dynamism and visual interest to your overall bridal stack. Gemstones, scalloped edges, and milgrain details are a few examples of what you can expect from these rings.

Woman wearing glamorous and unique fashion jewelry characteristic of Gabriel & Co.

Gabriel & Co. Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry collections from Gabriel & Co. draw influence from various places, times, and cultures, resulting in universally beautiful and appreciated pieces. High-end precious metals and fine gemstones are used to craft long-lasting accessories that truly dazzle.

Fashion Jewelry Collections

Art Moderne - Ultra-modern pieces from this collection are uber chic and dripping in diamonds for bold yet versatile designs.

Hampton - The Hampton collection possesses a classic, nautical aesthetic that makes these pieces perfect for a day on the water or a night out on the town.

Kaslique - This unique collection is reminiscent of the waves of the Mediterranean sea, with smooth edges contrasted by sharp points.

Sapphire and diamond bracelets by Gabriel & Co.

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Let Hannoush Jewelers be your destination for top-tier bridal and fashion jewelry from widely respected designers such as Gabriel & Co.. Supplement your personal jewelry collection or purchase a meaningful gift for a loved one. Allow our team of experienced and amiable staff members to guide you through our inventory to find the pieces that best suit your needs and preferences. Request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our professionals or browse our inventory online.