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Choosing the Perfect Jewelry for Your Fall Wedding

September 5th, 2022

perfect jewelry for fall wedding

Fall brings the perfect weather and aesthetic for a beautiful nature-inspired wedding. Fall weddings have become increasingly popular, whether inside a scenic venue or underneath a tree vibrant with color. Our team at Hannoush Jewelers has just the jewelry you need to bring the radiance of fall to the aisle.

drop leaf earrings

Choose Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Nature-inspired jewelry can consist of leaves, vibrant colored gemstones, or pieces that carry the essence of the earth and its elements. These glamorous pieces evoke the movement and arboreal majesty of autumn.

These 14-karat gold Huggie Drop Leaf earrings from Gabriel & Co. are the perfect emulation of nature and effortlessly bring fall to your wedding. There’s also a gold leaf pendant necklace to match it.

bohemian fashion necklaces

Explore Bold Colors

For many, the image of fall conjures exhilarating hues like red, gold, and brown.

The designs range from single pendants adorned with accent diamonds to several pendants lined on a dazzling cable chain. The earrings from the same collection perfectly pair with the necklace to create a bold and striking ambiance that your guests will remember for years to come.

gemstone necklaces

Choose Jewelry for the Season

If you want your jewelry to align with the season you have your wedding, these beautiful Allison-Kaufman necklaces may pique your interest. This gemstone necklace set with a bold orange citrine stone surrounded by accent diamonds encompasses the essence of autumn and provides a decadence perfect for your fall wedding.

The TACORI Love Letters collection is also an ideal selection for jewelry to fit the season. 

groom jewelry picks

Jewelry for the Groom

It often goes overlooked, but jewelry for the groom is also essential. Men’s jewelry can pull outfits together through the added touch of high-fashion style and luxury.

Consider exploring cufflinks to match the occasion and season of your wedding. Also from TACORI are the Retro Classic cufflinks that come in various colors and styles.

couple embracing

Shop Fashion Jewelry for Your Fall Wedding at Hannoush Jewelers

At Hannoush Jewelers in Marlborough, Auburn, and Brockton, Massachusetts, we welcome you to browse our inventory to find premiere fashion jewelry for your fall wedding. Our customers are our priority, and we take pride in providing a personable experience.

We hope it brings you back again. Visit us online to browse our inventory and contact us when you are ready to move forward in selecting jewelry for your fall wedding. Have questions? Send us an email at for all of the answers.