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Best Gemstones for Engagement Rings

March 20th, 2023

A couple holding hands, the woman wearing a sapphire and diamond engagement ring

In addition to precious metals, gemstones define the look of an engagement ring. Whether a classic colorless diamond or a fantastic red ruby, they are an essential part of the piece and set the tone for the accessory. At Hannoush Jewelers, we offer an incredible variety of designer gemstone rings. Find the piece that speaks to you with this guide.

A white gold Gabriel & Co. engagement ring with a round cut center stone, diamond halo, and intertwining shanks


By far the most common jewel used in engagement rings, diamonds evoke a timeless glamor. They are a beautifully simple arrangement of carbon atoms. When cut and polished, the brilliance of these colorless gemstones is truly marvelous and attractive. Diamonds are harder than any other natural material. It takes a lot to chip or scratch these radiant gems (although it is possible). While most diamonds used in jewelry are colorless or almost colorless, many adore yellow, pink, and other variations. They are rare but are nonetheless stunning and enchanting.

Consider this unique and exhilarating Gabriel & Co. diamond engagement ring, with its twisting shank imbued with a plethora of diamonds. It’s an unusual and intriguing piece.

White gold Imagine Bridal engagement ring with a round cut center stone and diamond and sapphire side stones


These vibrant blue gemstones are known for providing sophisticated elegance. Their exquisite hue is a genuine delight. Sapphires come in a myriad of colors ranging from purple to green. However, blue is almost always the favored option. They are the second hardest gemstone and are used outside of jewelry, such as for the glass on high-end timepieces (appearing in colorless form).

Sapphires often appear alongside diamonds to create a breathtaking contrast. This Imagine Bridal sapphire ring exhibits a sublime combination of the two gemstones, allowing for a unique and stylish aesthetic.

A gold ring featuring a large ruby center stone and two smaller accent rubies on either side as well as round cut diamonds


The ruby is an inspiring, vibrant gemstone. The jewel’s deep fiery red hue is unforgettable and unmistakable, conveying images of passion and bold energy. They are about as hard as sapphires, making them well-suited for engagement rings. Most rubies are used as accents, but you can find jewelers that will set them using custom design services and more.

This Allison-Kaufman ring is marketed as a fashion ring but could certainly serve as an engagement ring to the bride to be that loves rubies and making a statement. These red gems add a romantic quality to the piece, while yellow gold further bolsters the ring’s warmth.

emerald and diamond ring by Gabriel & Co.


These verdant gemstones have a unique role in engagement rings. Their color is striking and gorgeous, but they aren’t well-suited for center stones. This is because emeralds are delicate. They tend to have inclusions inside that can cause the gemstone to shatter relatively easily, which is less than ideal for jewelry worn daily. Still, emeralds make exceptional accent stones by evoking a distinctive aesthetic.

Enjoy the beauty of these gorgeous verdant stones such as this Gabriel & Co. Fashion Ring with an emerald and diamond checkerboard cushion center setting along with diamond details along the white gold band. Although marketed as a fashion ring, this could be a delightful design for a bride with an eye catching sense of style. 

A woman’s hand resting on someone’s jacketed arm, wearing a princess cut engagement ring

Find Gemstone Engagement Rings at Hannoush Jewelers

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