5 Ways to Elevate Your Bridal Accessories

July 15th, 2021

As a bride, it’s important to feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day. The most beautiful brides are those who shine radiantly from the happiness they exude. While all eyes will be on you, your opinion is the only one that matters! We have outlined some ways to make sure you find the bridal accessories that will make you look and feel your best on your special day.


Following tradition, “something borrowed” can easily be a cherished piece of jewelry from family. Wearing a family heirloom is a sentimental way to style your bridal look with a piece connected to your heart. If there’s a particular piece of jewelry you plan to wear, we suggest bringing it with you while trying on dresses. Sometimes jewelry, no matter how beautiful, will not compliment certain dress styles. Although it's ultimately your decision how much of a role you will let the piece play in influencing your gown choice.


When shopping for bridal accessories, always consider your wedding dress neckline. Various jewelry styles will either complement or take away from the dress. For a gown that has a princess cut or a low scooping neckline, a dramatic necklace will compliment this dress perfectly. However, for a strapless number, a delicate choker or collar-length necklace will pair beautifully with the open neckline. If you have chosen or are planning to go with a high neck dress, leave your neck bare and opt for a pair of dainty studs or long drop earrings.


More often than not, your wedding will be an all day event. Take this opportunity to switch up your look between the ceremony and reception. Try pairing subtle, delicate pieces to compliment your gown and veil during the ceremony. Then elaborate on your look by accessorizing during the reception with diamond ear climbers or vibrant clustered gems to coordinate with a complete outfit change. The transformation as you step into the reception will get the party started in full swing.


Once you have decided on your wedding dress, take careful note of the shade of white or blush. Wedding jewelry can come in white, yellow, or rose gold as well as platinum. Consider the color of your dress to decide what metal choice works best. Stunning white gowns look amazing with platinum and silver; creamy ivory shades look best next to the warmth of yellow gold. For champagne and blush-colored gowns, yellow and rose gold tones will complement the warm tones of light beige and soft pink.


At the end of the day, it is important to trust yourself and make decisions that are best for you. Wearing pieces of jewelry that are a reflection of your personality and style will ensure you have made the right choice. While you may get caught up in trending Pinterest styles, take a second to envision yourself in each piece. Have you worn large chandelier earrings before? They might end up causing you discomfort. Try bold statement studs instead, and you will thank yourself later for choosing comfort.

Ultimately, base your decision on personal style, sentiment, and comfort. These three guidelines will see you through. You can ditch any trends or rules that say otherwise!


While the above tips are a great starting point, it still might be a challenge deciding on your final bridal pieces. Luckily, our skilled associates at Hannoush Jewelers are ready to offer you a variety of options to match your bridal style. Stop by our store today or request an appointment with a bridal jewelry consultant and let us help you build your dream wedding day look.