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Custom Design


Custom Design

Did you see a ring in a magazine that you fell in love with, but wish you could tweak it just a little bit to make it your own? Have you inherited a valuable stone that you would like to make something special with- something that no one else will ever have? At Hannoush you can custom design, from start to finish, any piece of jewelry that YOU love by visiting our store.


Fine Jewelry Repair


Fine Jewelry Repair

At Hannoush, we make having your jewelry repaired as easy as possible. In most cases, no need to send your valuable jewelry away to have them fixed. Our in-house jeweler can take care of it for you! Visit our store and have your jewelry fixed in under a week, and in some cases the same day!


Book an Appointment


Book an Appointment

Call or send an email today to set up an appointment with one of our seasoned sales professionals. The care and service you will receive is unmatched, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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Vintage Jewelry

About Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry possesses a timeless allure that sets it apart from contemporary pieces. This style of jewelry often carries the stories of bygone eras, reflecting the cultural and artistic trends of its time. These pieces exhibit exquisite craftsmanship, featuring intricate detailing that stands as a testament to the skills of artisans. Additionally, vintage jewelry frequently incorporates rare gemstones, offering a sense of exclusivity and individuality. Collectors and enthusiasts are drawn to vintage jewelry not just for its beauty but also for the sense of nostalgia and connection it evokes, making each piece a remarkable treasure that transcends generations.

Why Buy Vintage Jewelry?

Purchasing vintage jewelry offers a number of incredible benefits. Firstly, vintage jewelry carries a rich history, adding a layer of character and charm that new pieces simply can't replicate. These treasures often showcase the skills and artistry of bygone eras. Vintage jewelry pieces tend to feature rare and distinctive gemstones, offering a sense of exclusivity and individuality that modern pieces might not possess. Whether it's the nostalgia, the timeless beauty, or the ethical appeal, opting for vintage jewelry is a statement of sophistication and a celebration of enduring elegance that transcends trends and generations.

Popular Vintage Jewelry Types

Necklaces from the vintage era often feature ornate pendants, intricate chains, and exquisite filigree work, with motifs ranging from geometric patterns to Victorian designs. Meanwhile, vintage bracelets showcase a variety of styles, from chunky, bold bangles of the 1970s to the dainty, gem-encrusted Art Nouveau pieces. Earrings in this style encompass everything from elegant Art Deco drops to the glamorous hoop earrings of the 1980s. When it comes to vintage fashion rings, the options are limitless, offering a treasure trove of styles from the bold cocktail rings of the mid-20th century to the detailed filigree bands of the Victorian era.

Shop Vintage Jewelry at Hannoush Jewelers

Shopping for vintage jewelry at Hannoush Jewelers is a truly exceptional experience. With several locations across Massachusetts, including Braintree, Brockton, North Attleboro, Chicopee, Marlborough, and Auburn, as well as Dayton, Ohio, Hannoush Jewelers is your trusted destination for vintage jewelry. Our expert team is committed to providing jewelry services, offering professional guidance and repair services. At Hannoush Jewelers, we understand the value of history in vintage jewelry, and we take pride in offering a carefully curated selection that reflects the eras of the past. Visit us today and let us assist you in finding the vintage jewelry that suits your style.

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